February 20, 2010

Man Flu

With good reason my posting frequency has dropped of late. Principally, I have been busy adopting another nationality, which has been a long time in coming and not without heart ache. That taken care of, I was duly welcomed to Canada by an official procession of microbial Mounties, doing their best to bring my immigrant immune system to book. My red nose looks vintage wintery Quebec, and I cling to dignity by a tenuous thread.

Lest it be thought I complain, I hasten to proclaim my stoic resolve. I will admit to not always being the best patient, but I try to bear illness with fortitude. All that whining and complaining over sniffles is really unbecoming and merits little sympathy. I have been making myself my own-recipe hot toddy (lemon, ginger, honey, cinnamon and scotch), and have otherwise partaken of all my pre-planned Quebecois social engagements, minus the double-kiss greetings. Business as usual has been speeding my recovery, not least because it is a distraction. Taking to a sick bed of self pity is not for me, unless I’m really at death’s door.

Tomorrow I will hop on a Greyhound and, in the best tradition of the finest Canadians, go back to the US. It is a long and boring ride, and no doubt will not be improved by congested sinuses. But I have an objectionable book to read, which will keep my blood pumping. Normal service will be resumed in due course.

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