November 22, 2010

A Sunny Disposish

The street where I live: grey, wet, and typical
I have a feeling that things may seem to have taken a turn for the bleak and miserable of late, so I write to reassure that the sunny disposition of yours truly is still alive and well. I wish I could say the same of Berlin’s climate, which does its best to shroud the city’s peculiar beauty in a damp mantle of slate grey. I had not realised how much one might miss the sun, and certainly I don’t recall November being so dark, even through all the worst that English winters had to offer. Wearing grey flannel and crowning oneself with a black umbrella, one runs the risk of merging into the monochromatic cityscape, like a Lowry figure of no distinction. Today, as a matter of defiance to the weather (which is set to get worse, by the way), I donned socks to amuse the Teutonic passengers on the U-Bahn. Germans don’t have any compunction about staring at strangers, but today I saw one or two smiling to themselves in the process. I count that as a significant victory.

My silver lining


  1. I found myself in a similar position with the Swedish November a year ago. One doesn't appreciate the sun until it's obscured by clouds for all five hours of daylight.

  2. Posh socks, sir. I have of late found myself admiring the offerings at the local hosier. I am looking forward to sporting a pair in the future.

    I once found myself in the unfortunate position of being employed by an American Macho type that felt he was punishing me by requiring the wearing of colourful socks. Clearly, the joke was on this poor fellow for not having an appreciation for the simple pleasures of life.


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