December 15, 2010

Now We Are One

It is a year since Being Manly got off the ground. I can scarcely credit the passage of time. In some ways that first blunt list of a post seems a distant historical, if not historic, event, but the subsequent discussion did lay a foundation for what was to come, and for what is still to come. I’m not much of a memorialist – Birthdays come and go without a lot of fanfare if I can help it – but I thought it fitting briefly to mark the occasion.

In that year Being Manly has gone from utter obscurity to mere obscurity. For the statisticians among you, there are some 319 people following, either through Google or Facebook, including some duplications I suspect. The approximately 70,000 words of content has been perused some 40,000 times (not including those of you who connect via blackberries and such like). You have left me some 658 comments, by which I am humbled and for which I am grateful. If you’re new here, I might take the opportunity to link to the year’s most read posts, for which I have no good explanation: One to Blow and One for Show; Daring to Speak Its Name; A Gentleman’s Guide to Wine; Keep Calm and Carry On; American Macho. If I may be permitted to name a personal favourite, it might be An Elegant Weapon for a More Civilised Age. I'd be happy to hear what has taken your fancy this year.

The 'could've been' banner. Both this and the banner for the blog are from Manly, near Sydney Australia, and were photgraphed by Yours Truly.
I confess I am bewildered by the numbers that some blogs rack up, without seeming to say anything at all. But then I remember that the people who have nothing to say reflect the majority of people who would rather not think. On Facebook there are many pages flying under the banner of ‘Being Manly’. The most popular one has 2,345 ‘fans’, and boasts precisely zero content (unless you count magic-diet and get-rich-quick spam). And this is quite saddening, for one hopes that the meaning of manliness might not be so superficial as the world seems to want to keep it. On the other hand, it also means that those of you who have found your way here are a discerning bunch, and I should rather have a small cohort comprised of quality than a large coterie of empty heads.

I shall maintain a hope – to the extent that I do hope, which isn’t much – that you shall bring your influence to bear on those people whom you know who share a like mind with your good selves. But if this is to be the limit of our society, I confess it is more than sufficient motivation for me to continue. 2010 has been a hard year in many ways. Being able to share my thoughts with an interested and wholly respectable audience has been a real fillip.

So, onward with a manly gait into year two. I trust it will be as enjoyable as the first.


  1. BONNE FÈTE!!!

    Looking forward to reading more in 2011

  2. Looking forward to many more posts in 2011.


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