January 30, 2011


The waiter drew a love heart on his order pad, orienting it towards his customer, and smiled. The customer, who had just ordered the Frühstuck für Verliebte for himself and his wife, winked compulsively at the waiter, acknowledging the gesture. He knew that the symbol signified not only breakfast, but also the self-evident love between the intended consumers of the morning repast. It warmed him to think that he wore his love so manifestly, and as the waiter retreated the couple remarked on his sweetness, which was really a reflection of their own. Saturday night’s cocktails, which had boiled away overnight to the essential headache that comprised them, soon evaporated completely under the influence of fresh caffeine, cured proteins, and an influx of vitamin C. The week’s work had been hard, but good, and now they rested, content.

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