March 18, 2010

Seasonal Misgivings

It is March. Still. Between Friday night and Monday night it rained continually (and I mean it just didn’t stop at all), and temperatures stayed alarmingly in single figures. But then, it is still March. What do we expect? After the storm, the sun came out, and so did the people. Were it September, and similarly sunny, and similarly warmish, people would be wearing coats and scarves, donning hats and brandishing gloves. Umbrellas would be held at the ready, and boots would replace sandals. We would be rushing headlong into Winter, missing our opportunity to embrace the autumnal in our appearances, and exhorting the season to grow-up like we do to children of the internet generation. Likewise, we skip Spring and jump two-footed into Summer. On Tuesday this week it was about 12 degrees (54 to those still on Imperial time), and yet I saw undergraduates ‘sun-bathing’ on the steps of their residences, wearing bikinis. I saw men in tight white trousers, wearing boat shoes sans socks. I’ve seen flip-flops, summer prints, too many pairs of shorts to mention, skirts up to too high, and tops down to too low. And then there are the ubiquitous men who insist on jogging in practically nothing (but perhaps that is not pertinent, since they do that all year round). What, I ask in all seriousness, is wrong with Spring? If trees went straight to fruit and skipped the blossom we would call those trees ridiculous. What should we say of people who do the same?


  1. I do agree. But wearing shorts for the first day of bright sunshine in March, no matter how frigid the temperature, is a time tested tradition. I remember doing it as a foolish youth, many moons ago!

  2. It sounds as if your primary complaint isn't of premature seasonal activities but simply poor taste. Many of those infractions occur any time of year. And I couldn't agree more...


  3. I will indulge you, IH, on this occasion. But only because I know you to be a bastion of taste as a general rule. An occasional folly no doubt adds colour to the character.
    MT, you have hit the proverbial nail. I should have called it, 'Perennial problems'.

  4. Seems like everyone (maybe you are confusing the young who are outside and crazy with the whole population-the sane ones are inside and not wearing bikinis and still have their socks on)can't wait for it to be hot again. I love the spring-it is a slow and patient return to life. Similarly the fall is a glorious time to sit back and review the busy summer before we hibernate again. Love your blog.

  5. Spring is my favorite season, actually. Namely, because summer's here are so ungodly hot, that there isn't much you can do. I'm breaking out the spring sweaters and brighter colors this week, maybe even some linen. But, shorts? Please, no one wants to see that.

  6. My faith is being slowly restored, although I am aware that I have preached to my own choir.

  7. Edmund Spenser, Amoretti IV

    New year forth looking out of Janus' gate,
    Doth seem to promise hope of new delight:
    And bidding th' old Adieu, his passed date
    Bids all old thoughts to die in dumpish sprite.
    And calling forth out of sad Winter's night,
    Fresh love, that long hath slept in cheerless bower:
    Wills him awake, and soon about him dight
    His wanton wings and darts of deadly power.
    For lusty spring now in his timely hour,
    Is ready to come forth him to receive;
    And warns the Earth with diverse colored flower,
    To deck herself, and her fair mantle weave.
    Then you fair flower, in whom fresh youth doth rain,
    Prepare yourself new love to entertain.

  8. You are a veritable repository of apt poetry.


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