February 18, 2011


Can’t stop, I’m prepping for a party chez nous for Mrs. VB’s birthday. Remember the golden rules:

1. Don’t allow glasses to reach empty.
2. Ask the guests about them, and stop wittering on about oneself.
3. Be charming. Always be charming.
4. Do everyone the honour of looking good, but don’t look like you did everyone the honour of looking good.
5. Stay a few shades under a skin full. No man ever cut La Bella Figura when three sheets to the wind.

Until tomorrow, dear friends.


  1. Good Luck with the party...hope all sails smoothly!
    Should add another rule...have twice as much ice on hand as you think you need!

  2. 6. don't start the washing up until everyone's gone home.

  3. Excellent rules, indeed, and ones that Reggie subscribes to himself. I look forward to reading Part II.

  4. Please wish Mrs. VB a very Happy Birthday!


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