February 23, 2011

Winter, Get Away: More About Cake

This is likely my last post until Tuesday next week. It’s back down to -11C here in Berlin, and we’ve had enough. De-camping to Barcelona for the long weekend.

There are only so many things one can do to stay cheery when the winter drags on like this. One can dress accordingly, of course:

And one can partake of plenty of this:

Or this.

My part of town is rather rich in cake and coffee. It comes of people being beautiful and unemployed. Is it manly? Doubtless not, but winter comforts sometimes take priority.

Incidentally, outside the café that serves these delights is a clump of old tree trunks, standing about eight feet high, with holes cut in them in various places, big enough to accommodate books. People drop their unwanted books in the tree and others come by for a browse and take what they like. There’s something rather sturdily reassuring about a tangible tree of knowledge, offering such delights as Flaubert, the Spanish language in Italian, and Thomas Mann. Since nobody would find the thing if they weren’t on their way for cake, I hereby upgrade the eating of cake to an intellectual pursuit.

Until next week then. Stay manly.

*Pics all mine save the last, which I stole manfully from foodieinberlin. Coat: Danier; Jacket: Nino Cerruti; Shirt: Hilfiger; Tie: Mila Schön; Cardigan: Iceland; Jeans: Levi's 514 straight; scarf: Liberty of London; cakes: Himbeer Sahne and  Schoko Limette.


  1. Enjoy your travels. I hope sun awaits you in Spain. I like the casual yet not style ensemble you present. So, you are a top button buttoned cardigan type.

    Cake or death? Death please, no, I meant cake...
    (... I'd personally choose a nice old malt, or aged bourbon over either cake or death...).

  2. Top button, yes; bottom button, never. Such is the wont of an Englishman, even if he has a 30" waist. I'm also partial to Mr. Izzard (reference duly noted) and a nice old malt, but rarely at the same time.

  3. Most excellent post, sir. I am, too, sick of endless snow. Up until a day or so ago, I didn't understand why all and sundry were complaining about this brutish winter we are having in the Hudson River Valley. "So what!" I cried, "It's winter! That's what it does in the winter, it snows!"

    And now I find myself churlishly whining to noone in particular that I, too, am sick of it. We had five inches of snow yesterday, with periods of rain, too, and now it is a frozen arctic outside with the snow un-shovelable, as it is now rock hard and immovable. It is still most assuredly winter here.

    Would that I had a lovely piece of cake to eat. But I don't, and I shouldn't, because I cannot button the jacket on my "fat suits" at the moment. Oh well.


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