February 19, 2011

In Praise of Cake, Double Wicks, and Bow Ties

You’ll all be pleased to hear that the little party of last night went off in the right spirit. Homemade hummus, tzatziki, and tapenade were duly demolished, along with all the Sekt, and plenty more besides. Yours truly is slowly rehydrating before going for the Saturday long run. Candle, lit at both ends, is burning rapidly I assure you.

But what would a party be without cake? Thankfully, a good friend and former student of mine came up trumps with the most evil chocolate cake I have ever tasted. Comprising 500g of butter, a whole kilo of sugar, and ten eggs, this thing was a heart attack on a stick. And this is just as things should be. Too many people these days attempt to make chocolate cakes full of compromises, but frankly if you need to compromise you simply shouldn’t eat chocolate cake. Why transform the divine into the mundane? Surely that’s just depressing.

It may be of academic interest, but here’s a snippet of last night’s rig – nothing too formal, for we were at home after all. The best thing about a bow tie, by the way, is pulling on one end of it when the night gets long. Nothing says ‘man had a good time’ like the undone knot.

And so to the track, well buttered.


  1. Excellant outfit. Pocket square makes it.

  2. Kudos on a successful party. Homemade hummus is always a hit. The greatest compliment my hummus ever received was when we had a couple of Saudi Arabian women over that asked me for my recipe! They had previously complained that American hummus is a pale reflection of what they enjoyed back home.

    My compliments on the bow tie. I am the only person that I know who wears them. I always enjoy knowing that there will be no one dressed like me when I go out.

  3. Thank you Dustin. Indeed, compliments were given by a Turkish lady on last night's hummus. I take that as high praise.

    I'm with you on the bow tie. One tends to attract a lot of attention by wearing them, whether one wants it or not. There is a growing community of bow tie wearers on Art of Manliness, and there are another three people I see fairly frequently who wear them. We try to co-ordinate so that we don't all show up in the same place wearing them. Don't want to appear like a barber-shop quartet.

  4. Glad the Mrs.' party went well.



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