July 07, 2011

Confessions of a Four-year Old

Yesterday’s musings on neighbours inadvertently threw up an old flame from my puerile fantasy world. Combine that with a bang on the head and suddenly I’m remembering the other influential women from my days of emerging consciousness. A four-year old surely does not have much to go on when it comes to the rational discrimination of beauty, so I offer you these four angels as pure forms, who appealed to me in an unmitigated manner, haunting my early childhood dreams. My wife says it is pretty clear what my ‘type’ was, but I had thought from a relatively young age that I could pretty much find a redeeming beauty in any face. I wonder now if those redeeming features in some way evoke the memory of a small part of these four faces. Looking at them now, together, for the first time in years, I realise that the primal attraction is undimmed. Looking at them in their current form, wearing the years most respectably, I think my four-year old self knew what he was doing. Anyway, with apologies for this bizarre turn (surely a result of a rattled brain), may I present Felicity, Agnetha, Deborah, and Olivia. Please bear in mind that I want to hear nothing whatsoever about Freud. If that’s your cup of tea, fine, but drink it somewhere else.


And now:


  1. I must confess to being a lot older than 4, but I was smitten with Felicity as a young man. I would stay up to watch "Good Neighbors" on our PBS station and fall asleep with her lovely image on my mind.

  2. I am not too familiar with your collection, except for Ms. Harry, who was quite a babe in the 70's.... Still is I feel too.
    I dig Blondie, especially on (surprise) PVC!
    Hello James!

  3. From Felicity K to Basil B. We are both revealing our first crushes. On the human front, mine was... John Boy Walton.
    Am hiding behind the sofa with flushed cheeks now.

  4. Excellent taste for a 4 year old, and they all look fab still.

  5. Hello VB,
    What an astute and mature 4 yr old!!

    Another enjoyable post. I hope this is one of many more 'lighter' musings to come.

    Live long and prosper.
    Ian from Downunder

  6. Thanks All. Tabitha, JBW? I hope you're over it and not still secretly holding a candle for him. I am glad to find general approval of my early tastes. They have stood me in good stead.

  7. Looks like my intial list as well. Funny that my results strayed so amazingly from my start point.

  8. So where are you now? Nice blog by the way. I'll be stopping by.

  9. Nice blog? Why thank you. Stop by any time.
    As to where I am now. Happily married 11 years is where... I swung from Gwen Stephani to Halle Berry.


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