March 08, 2011

In Praise of the Egg

It is International Women’s Day. And Pancake Day! Rarely is one’s focus so tightly concentrated on the symbol of the ovum. It may seem difficult to celebrate the achievements of half the global population, but I suggest targeting your attention on the wonders of those women around you. I am blessed to be accompanied daily by women of exceptional intelligence and impeccable taste, and I salute them. To she who is most exceptional of all, I made a votive offering of my own famous pancakes. She is ascending to new heights of brilliance of late, and I count myself especially thankful for her, and for the opportunities that have been freely available to her. Onward!

Rembrandt, The Pancake Woman


  1. Pancakes, organic, made with eggs from one's own free range organically fed hens, sounds like a great dessert for after dinner, hot, topped with ice cream and syrup (or a fine dark rum, or port).

  2. Oh all my husband can make in the kitchen is a mess.


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