March 15, 2011

McNeal Continues to Impress

A few snaps from the Spring/Summer collection from McNeal, which continues to impress in terms of style, quality and price. I can’t pick the difference in quality between this and Gant, but you can reckon on paying about half the price for everything.

I raided the sale rack for this brown-sugar coloured cord jacket and the classic tie. Went for a song.


  1. This is great looking stuff. Where can it be purchased?

  2. The company is German, and there are stores throughout Europe. None yet in North America I don't think. Here's a link to the website.

  3. I love the pinstripes with the light elbow patches and equally pale buttons. That is moderately scandalous, and uniquely excellent.

  4. Check out the new Facebook Fanpage:


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