March 04, 2011

J'Adore Dior, II

What was I saying about more elegance? I defy you not to love the latest high-profile ad by Dior, with Natalie Portman directed, apparently, by Sofia Coppola. Take a look here: Miss Dior.

We all aspire, but we are often lost as to what exactly we aspire to. Dior gives us a fantasy of elegance that directs our aspirations. What sort of man is the lucky tyke in this film? He’d have to be intelligent, of impeccable taste, a professional, and a lover. The details you may fill in for yourself. Bravo.


  1. Doctor, this is a good example of shooting oneself in the foot: Portman cannot hold a candle to Jane Birkin. But I suppose people who do not know the real thing might be deluded into thinking they're seeing it; this speaks volumes to what Dior has to offer - do not you find there is something ironic when perfumes are advertised with clever little films? As for Je t'aime... - I wish all the best to you and the missus.

  2. Until scratch-and-sniff ads make it to TV I think we'll have to make do with clever little films. As for Jane Birkin, are you serious? I thought the inclusion of the song in this film was kind of funny, so that the ad doesn't take itself too seriously. It's definitely up there among the worst songs of all time. And Portman? I'll humbly disagree with you there.

  3. Ms. Portman is simply stunning...she holds a klieg-light to overpower the penumbra of most of her contemporaries.

  4. Doctor, it might be up there with the worst songs of all time. It certainly is not up there with the best. But when it comes to women, well, Jane Birkin was a woman.


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